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West Coast Consulting Group, Inc.

West Coast Consulting Group provides emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery services to education, government, business, and non-profit organizations. The firm specializes in providing customized emergency operation plans and training to educational institutions. Our consultants are experts in the field, offering a collegial approach, with a balance of experience in instruction and student/academic services, university and municipal emergency preparedness, academic professional development, and police and fire services critical incident management. Our services ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and reimbursement requirements to decrease liability and increase safety.

Specialties Include:

  • Emergency Operations Plans (Compliant with SEMS, ICS, NIMS, and OSHA)  
  • Fire Safety and Prevention Plans  
  • Evacuation Plans  
  • On-site Safety & Security/Hazard/Vulnerability/Risk Assessments  
  • Compliance Audits for Emergency Preparedness & Jeanne Clery Act
  • Independent College/University Police and Security Program Reviews 


  • On-line Higher Education Emergency Preparedness Course (SEMS, ICS-100.HE, ICS-200.b, IS-700)
  • On-line and classroom National Response Framework (IS-800.b)
  • On-line Pandemic Influenza & Preparedness Course for Higher Education
  •  Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS-100)
  • Introduction to Incident Command System for Higher Education (ICS-100.HE)
  • Introduction to National Incident Management System (IS-700)
  • Incident Command System for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (ICS-200)
  • Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS-300)
  • Advanced Incident Command System (ICS-400)  
  • Faculty & Staff (Flex Week) Active Shooter Training  
  • Workplace Violence – Active Shooter Training
  • Media Training & Crisis Communications Workshops  
  • Campus Community Emergency Response Team (C-CERT) Training
  • Preparation Through Group Dynamics Action Planning Workshops
  • Table Top & Full-Scale Exercises

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Emergency Operations Plans
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Emergency Operations Plans