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West Coast Consulting Group should be your first and only choice.

Picture of Peter Wright

As the former Director of Emergency Planning and Preparedness for the California Community College Chancellor's Office, I highly recommend Tom Plotts and West Coast Consulting Group, Inc. to education institutions for emergency management services. Their comprehensive services are focused on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery and include development of industry specific Emergency Operations Plans, on-line and classroom training, interactive workshops, and facilitation of table top and field exercise. The firm has a track record of demonstrated success working collaboratively with clients, governmental agencies and industries to increase safety and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations to maximize disaster recovery funds after declared emergencies.

Peter Wright, Former Director of Emergency Planning and Preparedness, California Community Colleges
Picture of George Boggs

I am pleased to recommend Tom Plotts based upon his demonstrated expertise in campus safety and security. Moreover, Tom has successful experience as a college administrator in both academics and in supervising college security. He and the team that he has trained are able to provide valuable service to colleges by assessing safety and security policies and procedures and then making recommendations for improvement. This is an area that college leaders cannot afford to ignore.

George R. Boggs, President and CEO Emeritus, American Association of Community Colleges
Picture of Ron Hackenberg

I highly recommend West Coast Consulting Group, Inc. to public institutions for emergency management services. They provide training on the National Incident Management System, Standardized Emergency Management System and Incident Command System which facilitates inter-agency coordination. Their flexibility to offer online and classroom training allows us the ability to continually train personnel. Their interactive workshops keep staff engaged. Annual table top and field exercises help staff refine skills needed in real emergency situations and allows us to reinforce lines of communications with our university neighbor as well as the emergency responders and civic leaders in our community. The investment has been timely and worthwhile.

Rosalinda Buchwald, Director of Fiscal Services at Citrus Comminity College District
Picture of Will Glen

I've known Tom for 13 years. For a period of time, we worked together planning joint operations for our respective police departments so that we could each capitalize from available opportunities by sharing resources to create efficiencies. Tom demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities.

Will Glen, Law Enforcement Executive
Picture of Michael Drake

Tom Plotts and West Coast Consulting Group is comprised of dedicated and experienced professionals with the credentials and expertise in critical incident management. Their plans, training, and exercises are engaging, well thought out, and customized to fit clients' individual needs. West Coast Consulting Group should be your first - and only choice.

Michael Drake, Media & Presentation Skills Trainer / Voice Artist
Picture of Thomas Morales

As Chief of Police for the San Jose Evergreen Community College District, I highly recommend West Coast Consulting Group. They successfully implemented a standardized emergency management program across our multi-college district. In our recent accreditation, they were recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for “positive improvements related to campus safety, security and emergency preparedness.”

Thomas Morales, Police Chief, San Jose/Evergreen Community College District
Picture of Ron Hackenberg

As a former Community College Chief of Police, Tom has thorough knowledge and extensive experience in creating a safe campus climate that is conducive to learning. Tom and his team will quickly and efficiently raise your campus community's level of preparedness to respond to any emergency situation. His company, West Coast Consulting Group Inc, provides an opportunity for Community Colleges to create that safe campus climate and to know they are in compliance with all applicable standards.

Ron Hackenberg, Active Shooter Training for Work, School or the General Public
Picture of Ben Echeverria

Tom and I worked together for a number of years at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA. I was Counsel to the College and Tom was Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police for the College Police Department. Tom and his departments were my clients and he was always well informed and completely focused on his programs and duties. He made significant contributions to the Public Safety Programs and as Chief of the College Police Department. It is my privilege to know Tom and his family and to have worked with him at Palomar College. I strongly recommend Tom and his company, West Coast Consulting Group, Inc.

Ben Echeverria, Owner & CEO at Old Law Dogs, Ltd.

We continue to contract with West Coast Consulting Group, Inc. Tom is an amazing leader and along with his team, they make the staff development training seminars informative, exciting, engaging, and fun. I highly recommend Tom Plotts and his organization to any higher education institution seeking training in emergency preparedness.

Ricardo Perez, Vice President of Student Affairs, Glendale Community College

Tom Plotts is an outstanding manager in the criminal justice, emergency management response planning and education fields. He has the experience and education to bring effective emergency management courses to industry executives which he provides through his company, West Coast Consulting Group Inc. I have worked with Tom as well as for him. You would not find a more talented, efficient and honest person operating an emergency management consulting business. As a retired federal investigator from the Department of Homeland Security, I highly recommend Tom and West Coast Consulting Group.

Jack Hook, Rolling Bay LLC

Tom provides a thorough well researched product. Tom's many years in public safety in the public sector environment is an invaluable asset.

Philip L. Mullendore, Director, Institute for Campus Safety, LLC

I had the opportunity to work with Tom while he was Chief of Police at Palomar College. During his tenure, he was instrumental in bringing Palomar College up to speed on Incident Command and Emergency Preparedness.

Jordan Mirakian, Police Sergeant